Privacy Policy

We only contact those that wish to be contacted, indicated by signing up for newsletters and entering e-mail addresses and other contact information on our web site, including information gathered through purchases.

We collect two types of information: Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Anonymous Usage History (Non PII).
Personally Identifiable Information:

Name and e-mail address, which is provided to us upon registration to access the site.
Name, postal address, phone number, and credit card information, which is provided upon making a purchase through our web site.
Demographic information, which is used to improve our products, services, and marketing efforts.
All information collected is protected and used strictly for providing high quality web content, information, and products the user has requested. The information is also used to find other men and women who may find our information useful by utilizing the demographic information provided. Your information will never be shared, sold, lent, or distributed to any 3rd party for their own uses.

The exception to this policy is if you purchase one of our products through a third party link. Some of our third party partners offer bonus packages through their web sites when you purchase our products through their promotional link. In order to deliver the promised bonus material, we provide them with your name and e-mail address. Bonus fulfillment is the sole purpose for sharing this information, and we will not share any information that isn’t necessary for the fulfillment of that bonus delivery.

Demographic information is collected in order to better market our products and services. We work with information providers who better help us understand our site’s visitors and advertise to those who will find the information relevant. We may share limited PII with such information companies if they have strict policies not to share the information. This helps us to understand our customers better and is also called database marketing. Virtually every US corporation practices this technique, so every consumer in the US can safely assume that there is some information about them available to various companies, depending on how much they shop. Personal data such as buying preferences and level of education are used in order to target our advertising demographically.
Currently there is no centralized opt-out location.

If you wish not to have your demographic information documented, simply e-mail us through our contact form with the subject line “Privacy opt-out of demographic information” with the same e-mail address you used to sign up or register on our web page.
Anonymous Usage History

This information doesn’t include anything personal about the user. It simply exists in order to track activity while on the web site to gather information about which pages are the most relevant to users and the most visited.

Cookies are used to track this activity and determine whether you’re already subscribed or a new customer, and the information serves to make your experience on the site better overall.

One example of this is that, if you’re already subscribed, the subscription box won’t be on the page because it isn’t relevant.

We also use a small subset of this information to improve advertising campaigns throughout our web site.

Google, Yahoo, and other advertisers often use this information to determine which ads will be most relevant to which users, so you can get ads that follow your interests as opposed to irrelevant or useless ads.

As an internet user, you may already have noticed the results of this practice because of the top listings and targeted ads you will encounter throughout your web searching experience as well as having ads that may match a site you last visited.

This area of internet advertising is controversial and new, so we respect the fact that you may or may not want this information to be shared and you can contact us at any time to voice your concerns and opt out here. Again, there is no centralized opt-out area, but the government or the industry will likely adopt some form of generalized opt-out capability.
All about Cookies

Cookies are a standard technology used to keep track of your activity on our web site in order to collect statistics and improve your experience on our web page and in future visits to the site.

A cookie is a small data text file that allows a web site to be stored on your computer’s hard drive if your browser lets it. Later, when you visit our site again, the information can be retrieved to recognize a repeat user and what activity took place previously on the web site.

A cookie can only be read by the web site that set the cookie on the hard drive, so no other sites have access to this information. Cookies cannot access PII or plant viruses on a computer, which makes them a handy and safe way to collect data.

Clear GIFs are pixel tags used to track advertising effectiveness through third party vendors. This is for our benefit in measuring the effectiveness of ads placed on our web sites. Clear GIFs are tiny graphics with unique identifiers that that have a similar tracking function as cookies do. The main difference is that clear GIFs don’t access any personally identifiable information but track the behavioral statistics of visitors to the page in order to improve advertising.

Clear GIFs can work with cookies if the two originated from the same web site. The information can then be collected and shared with the advertising company in order to improve your ad experience, but that information NEVER includes PII.
Information Storage

The e-mail information you provide is stored in a list server, which can only be accessed by people involved in the distribution of newsletters to our customer base. All of the newsletters have an unsubscribe link in them for easy opt-out, which you can easily do by clicking here as well.
Policy Changes

At our discretion, this policy can be changed at any time and for any reason. We will post the updates on our web site, along with the most recent policy change date. This policy was last updated on December 5th, 2016.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please contact us by sending an e-mail on this page or by mailing a letter to:

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